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* Design& Development
Based on customer's drawing, draft, sample or even concept, Dyne Foundry could supply design or redesign for not only shape but also different material test. For example, Dyne Foundry has successfully helped some customers to improve fabricated metal items to be a unique casting, saving cost and better application.  In the meanwhile, Prototype will help before molding and casting process.
* Casting, Machining & Hand Polishing
Full line of silicasol investment casting process, CNC machining shop and hand polishing for stainless steel are all in house. More than hundred employees and engineers are making efforts to supply and improve your projects to be better.
Dyne Foundry has certified ISO9001:2008 by BV and TS16949 for automotive products. Your products will have fully tracibility by all checking points including IQC, IPQC,FQC and OQC by Dyne SQE.  High-end QC instruments help in Dyne process control, such as CMM, spectrometer, hardness tester, roughness detector, DPI etc.
* Outsource & Supply Chain
Dyne Foundry has experienced supply chain not only for raw materials but also surface treatment as Galvanizing , electro-painting, plating by gold, silver, copper, zinc, Chrome, Nickel  etc..
Dyne also make efforts to be one stop supplier by helping customer to outsource  gravity casting, die casting, sand casting, stamping parts according to customer requirement, more than 15years experience will be worth to your try.

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